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Discover how to get out of debt… protect your family financially… enjoy future security… and overcome any financial crisis!

During this FREE, faith-based Personal Finances class, you’ll discover…

How to Get out of Debt

Yes! You can free yourself from debt. There is a great feeling being free from the constant pain of debts and interest payments.

We’ll show you how to speed up your debt pay-down… without living like a hermit and pinching every penny.


How to Create a Simple, Pain-free, Practical Budget… and Stick With It! 

Drop the shame! None of us are born with the ability to manage money. And, if you’re like most of us, you never learned it in school. 

But a budget can be a wonderful tool to help you enjoy life to the fullest, get out… and stay out… of debt, easily handle the unexpected… and enjoy future peace-of-mind. 

We’ll give you proven tools and practices for making and sticking with a budget

How to Keep More of Your Money AND Enjoy More of Life

Do you ever run out of money before you run out of money? Would you like to have more money AND a better lifestyle, spending money on things you really value and that bring you more joy? 

It is possible! The best money managers in the world do it everyday. We’ll give you their strategies so you can do it, too! 

How to Deal with Financial Crisis, Bad Economies and the Unexpected

Are you living paycheck to paycheck, always afraid that some unexpected expense will suddenly appear and crush you?

Do you worry about recessions, taxes, and bad economies?

You’re not alone! But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can live with more money-confidence and peace… even if you’re in the middle of a personal financial crisis right now.

Discover how to get on top of your financial fears and crisis. You can make this work and we’ll help you!

How to Invest in the Future and Enjoy Financial Security

No doubt you’ve heard of people getting rich and financially free by investing. Maybe you’ve even tried a little investing yourself. 

For most people investing is a mystery. During this 12 week course, you’ll unlock those mysteries and discover simple, safe and effective ways to invest. You can earn interest and stop paying it!

How to Successfully Think and Feel About Money

Did you know that your income, how much debt you have, and your lifestyle is controlled by how you think and feel about money? 

Get the mental and emotional money-skills you need to succeed. Together, we’ll work on changing our money-mindset and begin thinking like a financial pro.

How to Partner with God to Be Financially Successful, Confident and Secure

At the core of this course are spiritual wealth principles that have been successfully used for thousands of years by faithful, God-loving people. 

Unlike other money management courses, we help you understand the spiritual aspect of personal finances. You’ll discover how to partner with God and tap into His endless wisdom and power to help you succeed. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can this Be FREE? 

The Personal Finances class is developed and organized by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

It takes complex financial ideas and makes them simple to understand and easy to understand. 

Volunteers who love God and want to serve their fellow men and women, donate their time to facilitate these classes. 

We believe everyone deserves a hand-up and a better life. This begins with sound financial management and budgeting. We joyfully share these proven principles with you and others.

What Should I Expect When I Attend? 

No! This course is a community service and completely free. You simply invest your time and give your best effort – that’s all we ask. 

All materials are provided. Seats are limited because we keep the class size small. So it is a first-come, first-served basis. 

New classes begin regularly throughout the greater Houston area. Find a class near you and register today!

Where are Classes?

Throughout the year, classes are held at over 56 locations throughout the greater Houston area. See the map below to find a location near you. (See here for a list of current classes and locations.)

What Should I Expect When I Attend? 

Classes go for 12 weeks. 

Each class combines insights on proven financial and spiritual principles for managing your personal finances.

Class sizes are always small, with no more than 12 other participants so you can get the support and help you need. 

Classes are run by a facilitator – not a teacher. This means you get more personalized support, have more involvement, and can master the principles faster. It is a proven model being used around the world to help people quickly and easily learn new skills.

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