How to Overcome Hard Times

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Life can be hard…

We Help You Grow Stronger!


Financial loss. 

Death of loved ones. 

Sickness and injury. 


Depression and feelings of no worth. 

Uncertainty in uncertain times. 

These things are part of life. All humans experience them at one time or another. 

But they are not all easy to deal with… or to overcome. 

Many of us simply don’t have the personal skills to win in the face of life’s storms. We didn’t learn it in high school or college… and many of our parents couldn’t teach it to us at home. 

But, there is a way to face all the problems life has to offer with courage, confidence, and success. 

The answer lies in one specific personal skill called Emotional Resilience.

You are invited to join us for a FREE 12 week course that will give you the secrets of mastering Emotional Resilience skills.

You Get 10 Skills and Strength to Face Life

There are 10 modules in this FREE class, spanning over 12 weeks.

You will learn these skills:

  1. How to draw on the power and strength of God to overcome challenges in life – especially “impossible” ones
  2. Simple, proven patterns of thinking for greater peace, emotional strength and success
  3. How to control emotions using your body… and your body using your emotions
  4. The science behind managing stress and anxiety in any situation
  5. Coping with sadness and depression
  6. How to deal with and conquer anger
  7. The steps to gain control over addictions and become the master of your soul
  8. The secrets to building healthy, strong relationships
  9. How to find unlimited joy and strength by serving others
  10. The secrets to a lifetime of “grit” and overcoming any challenge you’ll face

God Designed You to Win

We are children of God. He is all powerful. Jesus Christ has overcome all challenges, pains and disappointments we can face. 

As His children, we have inherited the ability to do the same. You can find more peace, more strength and more joy in facing life’s challenges. God will help you… and we will, too! 

This FREE class, Emotional Resilience, was created by combining the latest best practices in behavioral science and revealed truths from God about who we are and how we can successfully face difficulties in life. 

Yes, you can gain the skills and the connection with God you need to experience more joy and succeed at life. 

Enroll today to discover your true strength. 

What Others Say About the Emotional Resilience Class

Proactive Rather Than Reactive

My wife and I participated together in the Emotional Resilience class and really learned a whole lot about being proactive rather than reactive and taking ownership of our communication styles. In a way the class was a sort of marriage class, where different ideas came up from other participants that were really thoughtful, original and helpful to us. The class was really well organized and each one built nicely on the previous ones. We learned new skills. I’m really glad we made the investment of time.

Lois M.

Houston, TX

“Little Steps Can Make Such A Difference”

“It is amazing how little steps can make such a difference. I appreciated the support by the mentors and the friendships gained as we shared with and encouraged each other. It also gave me ideas to share with my family and friends.”

Britt A.

Sealy, TX

What to Expect From This Class

The Emotional Resilience class is FREE. There is no cost to you to enroll.

The class is free because the curriculum is sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and run by local volunteers who donate their time and resources to help you.

There are 10 modules, covered over a 12 week period. Seats are limited. When you enroll, you will commit to attend all the classes.

The class is held live and in person. (You can choose a location that is convenient to where you live!) Classes run about 90 minutes, once a week and include weekly homework assignments.

Classes are small – usually around 8-12 people. They are run by a trained facilitator. You will have plenty of time to learn, practice and master your new Emotional Resilience skills. 

Each class period includes a spiritual devotional. We believe that God is the ultimate source of health, healing and strength. Like Alcoholics Anonymous and other highly successful programs, we will encourage you to look to God for help as you gain your new skills. 

THIS CLASS IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. It is NOT professional counseling, group therapy or a substitute for professional treatments for mental or emotional health conditions.

Classes are totally confidential so you can openly and safely share your experiences and insights with other participants.

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